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Gunplay - Jake/John - For anon

Oh dear anon! You gave me a reason to write a jake/john fic :D

Gunplay though. Hm! I tried. Hope you enjoy.

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Drive You - DirkJake

I was going to use this as the other DirkJake request I have, but the anon wants it super duper smutty. And… I can do much smuttier than this >:3

So this is, sadly, a non-request fic. I just wanted to write it. I’ll get back to requests soon!

Inspired by the art pieces by the lovely hamletmachine and kitsu!

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Dirk/Jake - Untitled - For anon

After that update… I was wanting to write some dirkjake… :) Another one will be coming in the next couple of days I think. More smutty than this one.

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Second - I’m not good at writing action stuff haha. And I’m sorry if this wasn’t what you were wanting? I wasn’t sure if you wanted porn or just them in a zombie apocalypse or pairing them all together… so i just went with the safe route :)

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I’ll be done with this soon I said… x.x

Anyways - !! I kind of took off on this one hahaha. Hope you like none-the-less :)

Title: Section on Dreams
Fandom: Homestuck
Pairing: Dave/John
Rating: NC-17

He inhaled – the smell of old books assaulting him. He looked down at Dave, watching that blond head bob up and down; he had to stifle another gasp.

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Sure! I unfortunately didn’t make it sexy, but this is my first time diving into the Sollux/John realm. so who knows for next time I write one? Also note: I can’t write a lisp, so I did not do so - but it is hinted at, toward the end, that he has one.

It had nothing to do with the fact that, despite the atrocious coding, the human was still a coder of sorts and it certainly had nothing to do with Sollux’s own curiosities at having learned such things.

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Dave/John - Told You - For Anon

This is what happens when the prompt is just a pairing ;u;!! I’m sorry if it sucks - but with one of the recent updates, I couldn’t resist.

Title: Told You
Short Summary: Dave and John had a bet… John loses.

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John/Karkat - Untitled - for Anon

Sorry for the delays :D I was finally in a writing mood~ I hope this streak continues and I will write more today :)

Untitled(for now)
Short Summary: Karkat feels like John has been neglecting him; John is going to make things right! 

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Requests are Open

I still have 13 I need to work on, but I went ahead and opened up for new requests anyways. I’m sorry its taking me awhile and thank you for your patience.

HSO Entry Round Two - Here But Now They’re Gone - Dave/Karkat

Voting is over with for Round Two and aaaah my team is in 13th place for Round two ;3;!! AND 13TH OVERALL WOW. *dies* You guys are all amazing.

And now I’ll post my fic to my writing blog :3 You all have no IDEA how hard I spazzed and flailed when my team chose my fic. I’m happy we all made it to a pretty darn good rating! WE ALMOST MADE IT IN THE TOP 10!! aaah~


Behind read more will be without pictures. If you want the version with pictures read the actual hso entry here - link

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